Take space away from the noise of the world.

We all need a safe space to peel away the layers of armour we have built over the years, face our shadows and get back to the core of who we are. It’s not easy, but it’s one of the most rewarding paths you can take. Our carefully crafted program is over a month in duration, ensuring you have all the support, before & after, to integrate these powerful self-healing practices into your life and routine.

Our MONTH program includes:

21 day pre-retreat activation (online) 

4 day immersive retreat (in person)

Post-retreat integration coaching

Dedicated ongoing support

21 Day Activation

To quiet your inner state, kickstart your transformation process and prime your body and mind ahead of our retreat you will have a consumption clean up and daily practice. This includes:

Daily movement
Mantra & Meditation
Coaching & Support
Dedicated WhatsApp group
Live sessions with Stuart Sandeman

4 Day Retreat

At a scenic location 1 hr from London, you learn tools to break down barriers and limitations, release self-doubt and negative thinking and align with your truest potential. The program includes:

Award-winning retreat space
Cold Exposure
Infrared Sauna
Private plant based chef
Temazcal sweat lodge

Post Integration

Aftercare support to make sure that all the positive change you've made at the retreat is fully integrated into daily life, and your practice becomes embedded into your routine.

1:1 Integration calls with Stuart & Nova
Support group
Daily movement
Mantra & Meditation

Our next Retreat Spring 2025...

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What others have said about our retreats:

“I came to the Breathpod retreat to find my way forward and ultimately found my way back to myself which is what I truly needed.”

“The breathwork was very powerful as an emotional opener and the group sharing, whilst terrifying at first, helped release shame & fear of judgement”

“The weekend really stripped us back of all of life's conditioning… it was life changing to say the least! I continue to see the benefits in myself weeks after the event.”

"An unbelievable spiritual journey from beginning to end! A wonderful group of like-minded people. I felt supported and safe. The venue was beautiful, all facilities were kept beautifully and I felt very comfortable. The food was magnificent and the chef charming. I hope to be able to have this experience 100 times again."

"The Breathpod retreat was a life changing experience that I cannot recommend highly enough to anyone who wants to go deeper,  learn about themselves and effect long lasting,  positive change. I cannot thank you guys enough."

"The Breathpod retreat was everything that I imagined and more. Stuart and Nova created such a beautiful space and the weekend was filled with such a wonderful energy. They brought such a lovely group of people together to create a really safe, healing space which was inspirational and so full of love."