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We’ve helped many enhance performance, boost creativity, accelerate productivity and achieve their goals. Find out more about our tailored programmes, team app access, inspirational workshops & talks, breathing pods, content creation, festival sessions and more.

Breathpod x Nike

From Air Max to Air Force, Nike have built their flagship products around the power of air. When the company looked to promote wellness amongst their corporate team, collaborating with Breathpod was the perfect next step. Our Nike x Breathpod online and in-person events have been designed to optimise productivity, encourage relaxation, and foster team building. We also provided the Nike NTC app with on-demand breath sessions, available to Nike customers on-the-go. Having worked both internally, and on consumer-facing projects, Breathpod has helped deepen Nike’s relationship to the power of air.

Breathpod x Google

We’ve collaborated with various Google EMEA teams over the years to manage burnout, increase productivity, and better access a flow state.  Our projects include full day workshops with Google’s leadership teams, immersive Google for Startups business cohort; tailored ‘Charge Up and Chill Out’ workshops. We’ve even installed a series of sit in, immersive breath pods across their London media agencies, offering staff a place to reset, and destress.

Breathpod x Goop

Modern lifestyle and wellness brand - Goop invited Breathpod founder Stuart Sandeman to kick off their “In Goop Health Summit, London” with breathwork practise to engage participants before Gwyneth Paltrow and Penelope Cruz took the stage. Breathpod also led two deeper workshops at the summit to help release trapped emotion and integrate trauma. After the success of Goop Summit, Breathpod has collaborated with Goop creating bespoke breathwork content for Goop online social channels.

Breathpod x Team GB Olympic Rowing

A lot of our rhythm in a race is built on how we breathe. It’s always been an aspect of our racing that’s very dominant. In an Olympic final there are 200 strokes, and a huge amount of work has gone into each and every one of those strokes, so if we can do one of those strokes even a point of a percentage better, all those things add up.’

Two Team GB rowers connected with Breathpod to improve their breathing performance ahead of Tokyo Olympics. We developed a bespoke program to improve breathing mechanics, Vo2 Max and improve aerobic respiration.

Meet the founder

Stuart Sandeman is the best-selling author of Breathe In Breathe Out and breathing coach to award-winning artists, Olympic athletes and top business execs. Through his practises and BBC Radio 1 show he has helped thousands of people transform their lives. A Scottish judo champion, former financier, DJ and music producer, Stuart came to breathwork after losing his girlfriend to cancer. He trained as a respiratory coach, studying eastern methodologies and western science. His distinctive approach, rooted in his winning mindset, experience of loss, and practical outlook, is designed to disrupt negative thought patterns, release tension and increase flow, so people live happier, healthier lives.